What the experts are saying:

“Children love manipulating Alphagram flip-cards to build words. They are great tools for kids who need that “extra bit” to get going in reading.”

Shirlee Morris
Reading Specialist
Owings Mills, Maryland

“Alphagram products are easy to manipulate and clearly visible when displayed.”

Pamela K. Hansen
Reading Specialist and Resource Educator
Milford, Iowa

“Powerful educational tools for all primary-grade teachers.”

Thomas T. Daniels
School Psychologist, Riverside Public Schools
Riverside, New Jersey

“Now parents can help their kids at home with the same tools the professionals use at school.”

Shana Zaslow
Elementary School Administrator
New York, NY

“After only one half-hour a day for four weeks, my Title I students are much more proficient at blending sounds and reading words.”

Lynn Dluzniewski
Eagle Rock Elementary School
Eagle Rock, VA

“I’ve been looking for something like this for 18 years!”

Dee Falk
Resource Teacher
Stromsburg, NE

“Great! The game-like presentation makes learning fun. . . kids want to ‘play’ Is It a Word? again.”

Mary Jane Gatti
Resource Room Teacher
Castleton, VT

“Giant Letter-Sound Cards with alternative spellings are perfect for tutoring older children.”

Kendra Wagner
Literacy First Professional Development Center
Mill Creek, WA

“Is-It a Word–Or Not? and Word Maker help the most reluctant reader master the code.”

Dorrie Bernstein, Ed.M.
Educational Therapist
Hastings On Hudson, NY


American Institute of Graphic Arts
Design of Understanding Competition

“I like the simplicity and usefulness of Alphagram. . . and you can use your existing materials.”

Marilyn Kay, M.Ed.
Director, The Reading Group
Urbana, IL

“Makes it much easier for students to ‘see’ the sounds.”

Helene Rosenberg
Kinglsey Elementary School
Evanston, IL

“Perfect tools for success. . . they practically teach themselves”

Orna Lenchner, Ph.D.
Literacy Specialist
Oakland, CA

“A new visualization of practical, widely-held methodologies plus crystal-clear, original graphics makes Ready, Set, Read! one terrific book.”

Joseph Little
American Literacy Council

“Great learning tools. Ranson loves them.”

Daniel Wright
Financial Analyst
New York, NY (above, with son Ranson)

“. . . helping my English-language learners make progress.”

Pat Dawson
Remedial Reading Instructor
Sherwood School, Arnold, MO

“In six weeks, 5- to 6-year olds developed significantly increased awareness of sound-symbol relationships.”

Leanne Falcone
Speech and Language Therapist
Poughkeepsie, NY

“Brilliant! Is It a Word–Or Not? and Word Maker work for single sounds, blending, and words.”

Kyla Becker Marion
Literacy Consultant
Albany, NY (below, with Sara Smith)

“Meaningful reading depends on automatic – quick and accurate – word recognition. Alphagram Giant Letter-Sound Cards help students move toward this goal.”

Ruth Nathan, Ph.D
Visiting Instructor, UC Berkeley