The flash cards that do more!

You can spell words with them.
Consonants are red, vowels are blue.
Fun emojis are letter-sound cues. 


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Super Flash Cards, the reading and spelling flashcards that do more 

Lesson Ideas

Ask your student(s) to:

  • Talk about the shapes of each lower-case letter. Which are tall? Which are short. Which have straight lines? Which have circles? Is the circles to the left or the right of the line?

  • Compare the lower- and upper-case (capital) versions of each letter. Which are the same and which are different?

  • Name words that begin with each letter-sound and that end with that sound.

  • Spell words with the cards.

  • Read the key words (box, nest, zebra) out loud when you cover the picture cues.

  • Spell a word (b-a-t) and make a new word (c-a-t) by changing one letter.

  • Tell a story about each letter and its emoji.

    Note: If a student has difficulty telling some lower-case letters apart, point out the differences: the ‘b’ faces right like the bird; the ‘d’ faces left like the dog. Then, with the student, look for visual cues in other emojis.

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Download Your Free Alphagram SUPER Flash Cards