Happy Holly Days Ornament Set


Fun and learning in your holiday home! Our new set of "Happy Holly Days" alphabet ornaments features delightful original graphics printed on shimmery silver-ish card stock.

Each pack contains 26 5 x 5-inch, diamond-shaped ornaments, one for each letter of the alphabet. But rather than our usual phonics-inspired icons—'apple,' 'bird,' 'car' — we've designed multicultural symbols of the holiday season. They begin with 'angel,' 'bow,' and 'candy cane,' and end with 'zzz' "to all a good night." In between, you'll find dreidel, elf, frosty, gratitude, holly, icicles, jingle bells, Kwanzaa, and more.

They're printed on premium shimmery metallic paperboard with a hole punched at the top perfectly sized for a one-eighth-inch ribbon tie or for stretch cord.

Imagine all the things you can do with them:

• Hang the whole alphabet—or part of it—on your tree or mantle.

• Spell words like "fun" and "joy."

• Spell names of family members.*

• In a friendly, no-pressure way, teach young children to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and know the difference (or not) between each letter's lower and -upper-case version; and to associate each letter with the sound it represents (ah, 's' like in 'Santa!')

• Hang them on holiday animals and figurines.

• Use them as gift tags.

• Personalize Christmas stockings with them (and stuff a set into a stocking or two.)

• Give as gifts.

* Note: if a name has double letters (like Harry or Bobbie) you'll need two sets.