Alphagram WordMaker™


Level 2 – The building blocks of reading, spelling and vocabulary in five ring-bound packs with a total of 157 cards that help students spell, read and learn the meanings of an unlimited number of words!

This essential set includes a sturdy corrugated stand and one pack each:
• 21 Word-Beginning Single Consonants.
• 32 Level 2 Word-Beginning Consonant Digraphs and Blends
• 44 Vowels—Short and Long Vowels, Vowel Digraphs, and r-, w- and y-Controlled Vowels.
• 19 Word-Ending Single Consonants.
• 41 Level 2 Word-Ending Consonant Digraphs and Blends, Consonants with Silent e’s, and Suffixes.

The first two cards in each pack provide illustrated instructions.