Is It a Word–Or Not?™ Flip-Book


The original flip-book /phonics game that helps you teach letters, sounds, and blending— while you play a super-fun game with your child! 

During this period when schools are closed, you'll receive a FREE PDF download "Quick Guide," written especially for parents.

You’ll flip! So will your child. 

“Is It a Word–Or Not?" is the perfect phonics teaching tool, especially for home-schooling. Flipping the cards makes more than 1,200 syllables and words. The “green for go, red for stop” color-coding keeps kids going in the right direction.

How do you play? Easy! The child flips cards to make a three-letter combination. You ask: “Is  it a word—or not?” Kids love playing the game... and learning new words or new meanings of words they already know. 

Unlike other phonics teaching materials, our cards never get lost or out of order. And the big, clear alphabet letters on a clean white background keep children focused, with no distractions.

Spiral joins three decks of 3.5-inch x 5.75-inch cards:
• 21 word-beginning single consonants
• 5 short vowels
• 19 word-ending single consonants.

Each card features a large lower-case alphabet letter in a custom-designed, easy-to-read font, the corresponding Alphagram pictogram that cues the sound, and the key word. 

Proven success with bright pre-schoolers, typical K–1st graders, and older children with learning difficulties or differences.

Includes two cards with simple instructions and your FREE PDF download "Quick Guide," especially for parents.