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Designed to help all children read, write and spell, Alphagram products were developed by a top graphic designer (and mom) in consultation with top reading experts. Every letter and pictogram is presented—large and clear—on a simple white background. No confusing, conflicting pictures, words, cartoons, instructions, that are so distracting to a child who needs to focus on one concept at a time.


Is It a Word - Or Not? Phonics flip book game
The original flip-book /phonics game that teaches letters, sounds, and blending! It’s the perfect phonics teaching tool.
Learning activities and games for parents and children
Finally, an easy-to-use parent guide with 60 well-designed pages of fun learning activities that will get your child reading—fast.
Level 2 – All the building blocks of reading, spelling and vocabulary in five ring-bound packs with a total of 157 cards.
Learn to Write with Tracing Letters
Legible printing and cursive handwriting practice made easy.
Big flash cards you can spell words with
WOW! Big flash cards you can spell words with; and on the back, alternate spellings for each letter-sound.
Kid-tested icons cue every English phoneme
Kid-tested icons cue English letter-sounds — plus Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish.