“Helps the most reluctant reader master the code.”

Dorrie Bernstein
Educational Therapist, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

“Brilliant. The flip-cards work for single sounds, syllables, and words.”

Kyla Becker Marion
Literacy Consultant, Albany, NY

“Makes letters and sounds easy to learn. Alphagram is one of the few programs that maintain a child’s interest.”

Harry Carline
Director of Pupil–Personnel Services
Board of Education, Totowa, NJ

“Helping my English-language learners make progress.”

Pat Dawson
Remedial Reading Instructor
Sherwood School, Arnold, MO

“After only one half-hour a day for four weeks, my Title I students are much more proficient at blending sounds and reading words.”

Lynn Dluzniewski
Eagle Rock Elementary, Eagle Rock, VA

“In six weeks...5- and 6-year-olds developed a significantly increased awareness of sound- symbol relationships.”

Leanne Falcone
Speech-Language Pathologist,
St. Francis Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY

“Is It a Word–Or Not? Provides excellent practice in decoding and a good preview of syllables for young children. When it’s not a word, it’s a syllable.”

Maureen Farbstein
Birch Wathen Lenox School, New York, NY

“My LD children are much more comfortable sounding out words.”

Jeanne Foringer
Westside Elementary, Roanoke, VA

“After working—playing, really—with our seven-year-old daughter, who has dyslexia, for only about 15 minutes every evening for two weeks, she can blend sounds and read real words!”

Frank and Stella Cooper, London, England

Learn to Read with Alphagram

“Great… the game-like presentation makes learning fun. Kids want to ‘play’ it again.”

Mary Jane Gatti
Resource Room Teacher
Castleton Elementary School, Castleton, VT

“Easy to use! I’m thrilled with the content and quality.”

Lisa Johnson, Special Ed Teacher
Eisenhower Elementary School,
Dubuque, IO

“I like the simplicity and usefulness. Fits in well with whole-language programs... and you don’t have to throw out your existing materials.”

Marilyn Kay
Director, The Reading Group, Urbana, IL

“Lovely, clear graphic designs show sound-symbol relationships.”

Sevilla Kommell
Educational Therapist in Private Practice
New York, NY

“Attractive and very useful tools for teaching phonemic awareness. Useful in a variety of teaching settings: classroom, small group, one-on-one, and follow-up practice at home.”

Phyllis Kreuttner
Bilingual Educational Evaluator, P.S. 20
New York, NY

“We like Is It a Word? in our room because there are no pieces to get lost. Kids even use it like a dictionary to help them sound out and spell a word before they write it.”

Amy Kyte
Early Childhood Educator, Harrisburg, PA

“Proven techniques that help young readers achieve success.”

Ginny Ladd
Second-Grade Teacher, Far Hills Country Day School, Far Hills, NJ

“Makes it much easier for the students to ‘see’ the sounds.”

Helene Rosenberg
Kingsley Elementary School, Evanston, IL

“We use the Big Cards to spell words and put them on the bulletin board. So clever and useful.”

Sally Shafer, Minneapolis, MN

“Meaningful reading depends on automatic, quick, accurate word recognition. Alphagram’s Big Letter-Sound Cards, which display alternative spelling patterns, help move students toward this goal.”

Ruth Nathan, Ph.D.
Visiting Instructor, University of California,
Berkeley, CA

“Very effective and useful… I use Word Maker in my private tutoring practice with 1st and 2nd graders.”

Meryl Schwartz
Assistant Principal, The Churchill School
New York, NY

“Especially helpful for children who have difficulty with vowels. The kids I tutor find it fun.”

Susan Signorovitch
Volunteer Tutor in the Public Schools
Palos Verdes, CA

“Playing Is It a Word—Or Not? helped children become skilled at reading phonograms and increased their confidence and belief that they were readers!”

Harriet Uschakow
School 23, Yonkers, NY

“Is It a Word–Or Not? and Word Maker are perfect tools for success for K and first-grade students. They practically teach themselves. The alternate spellings on the Big Letter-Sound Cards are great for older students.”

Kendra Wagner
Literacy First Professional Development Institute, Mill Creek, WA

“A new visualization of practical, widely held methodologies plus original, crystal-clear graphics makes Ready,Set, Read! one terrific book.”

Joseph Little
Managing Director, American Literacy Council

“It’s often a simple issue, like not knowing left from right, that keeps a child from cracking the code.”

Ellen Shapiro
Founder and Designer, Alphagram Learning Materials


AIGA the professional association for design
“Design of Understanding” Competition

”Our three-year old son not only knows all the letters, he’s starting to read two- and three-letter words.”

Alex Miller, Technology Consultant and Dad, Indonesia

“This Parent Page is for YOU. Tell us your success stories and send photos of you and your child with Alphagram products.”


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