SALE! Big Letter-Sound Cards


SALE! Big flash cards you can spell words with! Like two products in one. New edition now only $18.98.

Phonics is back in style! A Sunday front-page New York Times article reported that phonics is again ascendant—and that many states are now mandating phonics instruction. Why? Because it's been proven that a curriculum that focuses solely on guessing words in context does not work.

What does work? Our newly revised Big Letter-Sound Cards, a two-level product. These cards have been designed to have many uses throughout students' reading and spelling journeys. The 6 x 11 1/2" cards are just as useful for five- and six-year-olds as they are for English Language Learners of every age.

The pack consists of 46 cards, printed on heavy coated paperboard, one card for each of the 44 phonemes (letter-sounds) in the English language, plus "magic e" (to turn the vowel long). The cover card has helpful suggestions for teaching exercises and games.

The front of each card is a phonics tool, designed to teach children to associate each alphabet letter with a phoneme (letter-sound) via a graphic cue or pictogram. The back of each card, for more advanced students, features alternative spellings for the phoneme. For example the sound of /f/ can also be spelled ph as in 'phone' and 'gh' as in 'laugh.' This is one of the things that makes English challenging, and is so important for students to learn.