NEW "Back 2 School" Set


The products you need to combine the Science of Reading with the Art of Teaching
You'll get one each:

• The original "Is It a Word–Or Not?" flip-book that makes more than 1200 CVC words and syllables by flipping the cards. Kids love playing the game!

• WordMaker with stand and six ring-bound packs of 159 cards, including digraphs, blends and suffixes. Use them to spell — and teach the meaning of — thousands of words of increasing complexity.

• Set of 45 Big (6 x 11.5") Letter-Sound Cards perfect for Word Wall. The only flash cards you can spell words with! Deck includes alternative spelling list for each phoneme on the back of the card.s

• 160-page "Ready, Set, Read!" Curriculum book. A gentle assessment test is followed by 38 sequential skill-sets that progress from letter-sounds and blending through consonant digraphs, long vowels, diphthongs, and silent and tricky consonants—with suggested lesson plans, student worksheets, activities and games. 

Plus FREE 24-page Parent Guide

All Alphagram Learning Materials:

• Incorporate principles of the successful Orton-Gillingham method for teaching reading.
• Focus on sounds, vowels and consonants as symbols that represent sounds, blending to form and read syllables and words.
• Are created by a top graphic designer in consultation with nationally known literacy experts.