NEW! Spell It Right Student Workbook


Because it’s TOO easy TO mix up TWO or more words like ‘wear’ and ‘where,’ ‘one’ and ‘won,’ and ‘peak’ and ‘peek,’ we wrote and designed “Spell It Right,” an illustrated workbook. This booklet/learning game uses whimsical, illustrated wordplay to help everyone understand the meanings and spellings of homophones: common word pairs that sound exactly alike but are spelled differently and have very different meanings.

This is Alphagram’s first product for people of all ages — from grade school up. Graphic designer and writer Ellen Shapiro realized that adults too often mix up tricky word pairs in their writing, in term papers, Facebook posts, articles published online, even in self-published novels. Alas, spell-check doesn't catch those errors.

Each double-page spread of this engaging 28-page booklet features a comprehensive chart of alternative spellings of English letter-sounds and, opposite it, illustrated examples, and a short list of words chosen to help everyone “write the right word.”