Alphagram Super Flash Cards


Finally, flash cards you can spell words with!

Perfect for preschoolers, kids in pre-school, kindergarten, or first grade; older children with learning differences. Colorful, fun, emoji-style drawings cue the letter-sounds on these ABC flash cards that are more than decorative. With these cards, your student or child will learn much more than how to recognize the letters of the alphabet. The cards incorporate features recommended by learning specialists and literacy experts. The letters are set in a custom typeface that makes it easy to point out the similarities and differences between each letter and between the lower- and upper-case versions of each letter.

Each card features a big, clear lower-case alphabet letter. (We recommend teaching lower-case letters first — they make up more than 95% of the text we read.) The upper-case (capital) letters are shown in the bands at the bottom of the cards, so children can compare the letter shapes and see the same word spelled both in lower- and upper-case.

You will receive 7 pages printed in my studio on high-quality cover stock, each  with four 3 5/8" x 5 1/8" cards. Just cut on the blue dotted lines and you're ready to go. You’ll be free to photocopy each page to make enough cards to spell lots of words, such as a series of CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words like cat-bat-fat-hat. Then you can change letters to make many hundreds of words. Consonants are red, vowels are blue, which makes making the words, and reading them, easy.

The last page includes suggestions for learning games— including our favorite "match the emoji to the letter." There's a yellow dashed line along the center of each card, making it easy to cut apart the top, emoji, section and the bottom, letter, section. Mix them up in two piles and have your student or child choose the correct emoji for each letter.