Tracing Letter Set, Download Edition


NEW! The entire alphabet on one page each: lower case and upper case letters, plus two pages of fun, colorful emoji that cue each letter sound.

Now available as an instant PDF download. Just print out all four pages (on heavy 8.5 x 11 paper, if possible).

Here are three ways to have learning fun with them. 

Tracing: Clip a sheet of thin paper on top of a page of letters so the child can practice printing the whole alphabet with crayon or pencil. Arrows point the way to correct letter formation. He or she will be so proud of the finished product. (Note: Amazon offers 8.5 x 11 tracing pads.)

Sound Matching: Kids love to match the emojis (key word pictogram) to the letters. Cut out all the emoji cards, mix them up, and have the child match each emoji card to the corresponding letter. (Since lower-case letters make up more than 90% of the text we read, literacy experts recommend focusing on them first—then work on the upper-case letters.... or do it in the order that makes most sense for you.)

Building Letters: For children that may be having difficulty telling certain letters apart, experts recommend multisensory teaching, that is, FEELING each letter in addition to seeing it and hearing its sound pronounced correctly. Bring out the Play-Doh and work with your child to make letters that "match" the ones on the Tracing Letters pages. That will help internalize each distinctive letter shape. You can reinforce the learning by pointing out features, like this: "In the lower-case 'd,' the circle is on the left side of the tall line; in the 'b' it's on the right.

Scissors, crayons, and Play-Doh not included :-)