The Essential Reading Teacher Set


We've created and assembled the seven essential products you need to teach reading and spelling in school, at home, or online. Newly updated and edited for 2022.

• This is our most advanced set, which takes students from letter-sounds and blending through tricky spellings and decodable stories.
• Based on the highly successful Orton-Gillingham methodology for teaching reading.
• Created by a leading graphic designer.
• Sequenced skills, with explicit yet flexible lesson plans.
• Endorsed by leading educators and literacy experts.

You'll get:

• Updated 160-page "Ready, Set, Read!" Curriculum Guide with 38 lesson plans with games, activities, and student worksheets.
• NEW WordMaker with six ring-bound packs of 159 cards and stand.
• Is It a Word–Or Not? flip-book that makes more than 1200 CVC words and syllables.
• Set of 46 Big Letter-Sound Cards with alternative spellings on the back of each card.
• Super Flash Cards with colorful emoji. You can spell words with them!
• Spell It Right! illustrated workbook designed to help students master homophones, the words ("tail" and "tale") that sound alike but are spelled differently and have very different meanings. 
• Two Letter-Sounds wall posters with 41 phonemes.

PLUS a free Super Quick Guide for parents!

Please see individual products for more detailed descriptions and more photos.

This special set is only $119.