Big Letter-Sound Cards


WOW! Big flash cards you can spell words with!

Great for kids’ rooms and classroom bulletin boards. 

You’ll get a pack of 46 cards, 6 x 11.5", printed on heavy paperboard.

On the front of each card is a large lower-case letter, the corresponding Alphagram pictogram, the key word, and the upper-case letter.

On the back of each cards is a list of the most common other spellings for the same letter-sound. Each letter represents a sound, right? But some letters represent several different sounds. And many sounds are represented by several different letters or letter combinations. 

For example, the sound of long ‘i’ as in ‘ice cream’ can be spelled five different ways: ‘ie’ as in ‘pie,’ ‘e-consonant-e’ as in ‘bike,’ ‘y’ as in ‘cry,’ and ‘igh’ as in ‘light.’ The sound of long ‘a’ as in ‘acorn’ can be spelled eight different ways.

This is one of the things that makes English challenging, and is so important for Level 2 students to learn.